09 February 2011

Starting off

I've been thinking about setting up a blog to share and discuss ideas and experiences relating to my research project for a while now. Following the principle that good ideas are the ones we keep on coming back to, I finally thought I'd take the plunge and give it a go.

I'd like to use this blog:
  • to "think aloud" about my project;

  • to reflect on particular experiences and challenges;

  • to share information about events I attend and things I read along the way;
...and maybe to demystify some aspects of the research process, especially for librarians who may be interested in pursuing this path themselves.

I hope that blogging about this project will encourage people from the library world and other fields to share their comments. I'd particularly like to continue to benefit from the wisdom of colleagues who have helped me so much in the past - if I start saying things which really don't reflect how things are in practice, or if there are particular issues you think I should be considering, please let me know!

I hope the blog will be interesting and helpful for you too - ask me questions if you think my research might be able to help with any practice issues. It'll certainly be a big learning experience for me, finding out how it feels to be writing informally about my research and thinking about the most appropriate style and content.

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