11 March 2011

Sheffield iSchool researchers informal discussion session

Yesterday I gave a very brief informal presentation about my research as one of the speakers at a Sheffield iSchool researchers informal discussion session. You can read a summary of what I said in a post on the Sheffield iSchool researchers' blog. This covers some of the ideas emerging from my reading of the literature so far and some initial ideas about possible research methods. I wonder whether this might help to clarify how the collections and social enterprise elements of my research fit together; I'd welcome any comments about the ideas I discussed.

Although this was a very informal session, with a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere, I did feel slightly apprehensive about speaking about the project to a small group of colleagues and fellow researchers for the first time. In these situations, I tend to feel either very overprepared (as yesterday, reading from a script) or underprepared; although I do feel that with a little work what I said could form the basis of my elusive "coffee break pitch". The talk was followed by questions and discussion, providing useful feedback.

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