29 July 2011

LIS DREaM event materials online

Materials are now available online from the LIS Research Coalition DREaM event last week. These include videos of Professor Hall's welcome, Professor Cronin's opening keynote and Dr Evans's closing keynote.

There are also links to some really excellent reviews of the event - definitely much more informative and stimulating than my blog post below.

What with the worrying news about reductions in research council funding for Masters and PhD students for the next academic year, a project like LIS DREaM at least provides some possible grounds for optimism about the prospects for research in LIS.

Oh, and there's also a video of the one-minute madness session in which I participated - I'm speaker number four.


  1. I am mightily impressed with your one minute overview! I bet that focussed the mind enormously - Well Done AR!

    Norman - A Nonymouse

  2. Thanks very much - I'm glad you liked it! It certainly did focus the mind. The format really resonated with some of the concerns I've mentioned before about trying to communicate key points about my project concisely.

    I also came away from the conference with a personal resolution to blog more - hopefully...