05 November 2011

Charleston Conference, Part 1

This week I've been attending the 31st annual Charleston Conference in South Carolina. This is probably the most significant annual gathering of librarians, publishers, vendors and others interested in collection development and management issues. In terms of numbers of attendees, it's probably comparable to CILIP's Umbrella conference (an annual conference for UK librarians) - but Charleston focuses just on collection issues.

I originally intended to blog day by day, but, frankly, the program for past few days has been so full (a 12 hour day on Thursday and an 11 hour day on Friday) I haven't managed to find the time. I'm going to try to catch up now with some accounts of the talks I've attended - for ease of reading, I'll split this over a number of different posts. I'll probably add more posts to this blog in the next few hours than I've added in the whole of the last couple of months!

I want to round off this post by saying that this is one of the most exciting things I've ever done - it's the first time I've been to the US, and simultaneously one of the most enjoyable and challenging conferences I've ever attended. I gave a presentation here on Friday and I'll blog a bit about that experience, too.

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