27 June 2012

LIDA 2012: part five

On Friday morning I took part in the PhD Forum, sponsored by ASIS&T (American Society for Information Science and Technology). I delivered a brief paper about my research so far and then benefitted from the advice and comments of a panel of experts. Key points included identifying terms for clearer definition in my research questions, considering how well my chosen methodologies are likely to answer some of these research questions and showing more clearly which methods are intended to answer which questions. This was a really useful and valuable experience for me - and should hopefully be good practice for a potential future viva!

The rest of this final day focussed on the official celebration of the 75th anniversary of ASIS&T with a panel discussion examining the history and future of ASIS&T in Europe, followed by three presentations on information science in Europe by Christian Schloegl, Lyn Robinson and Elena Corradini. I was particularly interested in some of the Italian theoretical work cited in the third presentation and came away with more references to follow up! Although the conference continued with three further presentions and an evening celebration, the need to catch my flight back the UK meant that these were the last sessions I was able to attend.

Overall, the week was a wonderful experience. It was an excellent opportunity to hear about research into issues affecting libraries in the digital age from across the world. I think the final thing I should say is "Hvala" to the organisers and hosts at the University of Zadar.

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